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Our Advertising Policy

The site is a free service, and third-party advertising helps us offset the significant costs of maintaining that free service. However, we also focus specifically on advertising solutions which we believe can add genuine value to the experience of visitors to this site. Naturally, not every advertisement will be of interest to every visitor, but we make an effort to ensure that, on balance, the presence of advertisements enhances rather than detracts from our site.

If you would like to advertise on this site via a direct placement, please get in touch via our Contact page with a note of the proposed position and the specific destination URL you would like to promote. All advertisements will be marked as such so as to distinguish them from informational content. Please note that we do not sell plain text links; text-based advertisement links must carry the nofollow attribute and/or be delivered via JavaScript.

About Contextual Advertising

Currently, all advertising displayed on works via third party solutions, such as Google AdSense, which intelligently assess which advertisements are pertinent to the content of the page being viewed. This system carries two important benefits:

  1. Displayed advertisements should, ideally, be related to the context of what you are reading, and
  2. Advertising cannot bias the content or editorial policy of this site (because the advertising depends on what is written, rather than what is written being influenced by the interests of whatever third party is paying for the advertising).

We produce pages as usual, without regard for the interests of any potential advertiser, and if a given advertisement is relevant to the contents of that page, then it may be displayed. We have no way of knowing in advance whether an advertiser will like what has been provided on a page, so we are not influenced in any way by advertisers appearing on this site through contextual targeting.

This contrasts with the traditional way of providing advertising, where the financial relationship between a site and an advertiser could compromise the editorial integrity of the site.

Because contextual advertisements are displayed as a result of pertinence to page content (as described above), rather than as a result of explicit arrangement with, we do not know in advance what advertisements may be displayed. Therefore, we cannot make any comment on the advertisers featured. Advertisements are distinguished from informational content by the word ‘Advertisement’ displayed next to the advertisement.

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